Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags

Visual – dark has for some time been the go-to shading for mixing in discretely hence our excellent matte dark bag flies unpretentiously under the radar

Versatile – despite the fact that this bag is protected and equipped towards moving frozen or hot merchandise it tends to be repurposed for toys, material, and nic nac stockpiling

Useful – some track down our XL protected bag a bit too little and our XXXL premium and expert bags a smidgen too huge so we’ve estimated this one in the middle

Important – this bag addresses an astounding incentive since we ensured it isn’t over-designed with pointlessly costly materials and elements

Solid – occupied customers and entrepreneurs need unwavering quality and steadfastness consistently to limit pressure, save time, and additionally boost benefits during conveyances

It’s Very Large!

No doubt about it – this bag is quite large! It is focused on significant customers or feast conveyance organizations that need to move a great deal of products requiring protection, rapidly with insignificant problem.

Another thought is handle strength. During the plan stage we added an extra supporting ‘band’ to enclose the whole bag at where the handles join to the bag frame. The fundamental motivation behind this is to limit the shot at the handles tearing away from the bag in case it is pulled sideways utilizing only a solitary handle (we prescribe utilizing two handles to move the bag when stacked).

As referenced in the title this bag is exceptionally enormous and it is misleadingly simple to pack it according to a weight viewpoint so know about the general load of your things.


Space-saving plan permits these bags to be collapsed level for simple stowing toward the rear of the SUV, conveyance van, pickup truck, or family car

Supported Bottom

Handles that reach out under the lower part of the bag fortify the unit and give expanded security and unbending nature while conveying heavier burdens

Supported Handle

An extra band of non-woven texture surrounds the bag limiting the shot at the handle tearing away from the body

Double Zipper Top

A zipper with double sliders makes opening and shutting the bags a lot simpler

I purchased many protected bags from Amazon however this is awesome. I feel it’s superior to others on account of the solid, built up handles on each of the four sides. Incredibly, strong development and the material feels thicker with quality at the cost.

These bags save things cold for a couple of hours and china cooler bag it never brings down in my trunk. Additionally I can stack them in the truck and take as much time as is needed without agonizing over frozon food.

Side handles are such a ton better to deal with substantial stuff. They crease up level and they’re launderable so ideal for shopping for food, travels or whatever anyplace.

VENO Environmental Commitment: It is our central goal and obligation to decrease our effect on the climate to make a cleaner, more decent future. The texture in this bag is made with 80% of post-purchaser reused material which saves plastic material structure winding up in seas, lakes, and landfills. Kindly use it however much as could be expected to assist with ensuring our current circumstance.

Huge Capacity: Large limit (15.8″W x 13″H x 8.7″D) is ideal for food, parties, the sea shore, closely following and setting up camp. Effectively hold 7.8 gallons or 40 jars or 45 pounds.

Tough: Made from significant burden non-woven reuse texture, aluminum covered warm protection, and including a supported double tab zippered top. Very impressive development effectively upholds 45 lbs. furthermore, is totally solid.

Covenient: Flexible texture sides oblige odd formed things. Overlap level for simple stockpiling in your kitchen, under the vehicle seat, or in your trunk. Smooth sliding zippered cover holds things back from dropping out. Effectively cleans off on a case by case basis.

Multi-Purpose: Transport or convey all your hot or cold things! Extraordinary for frozen food and produce. Makes an ideal food conveyance bag. Keep in your trunk for the store, general shopping, ranchers markets, picnics, setting up camp, sailing, or as a trunk coordinator.

VENO Insulated reusable staple bags, warm, hot chilly, uncompromising, food conveyance, food transport



VENO was established in 2016 in Los Angeles, California and focuses on decreasing single-time utilize plastic bag contamination to make a cleaner and more decent future. Our bags are handmade from premium materials to guarantee most extreme strength.

Clients are our first concern. We will probably give top notch reusable items and arrangements in view of reasonableness and guarantee our clients have glad and smooth shopping experience.

VENO Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag

This bag is incredible for keeping some food and produce new and cool, making it additionally an ideal food conveyance bag. Save them in your trunk for supermarkets, ranchers markets, picnics or setting up camp.

VENO protected shopping for food bag is an extraordinary arrangement, bringing comfort, moderateness, and newness to you.

A few protected shopping staple bags in this group giving you twice as much extra room for everything under the sun that expects things to be kept sweltering or cool.

Simple to convey and stow, nonexclusive plan ideal for ladies or men.

Long life double zippers with fortified handles.

Adaptable sack basic food item bags that are incredible to simply toss toward the rear of the vehicle or under the vehicle seat.

They are all around built and will deal with the afflictions of day to day existence easily. Stands upstanding to simplify pressing and calm.

VENO protected shopping for food bag, substantial, warm bag, cooler bag, uncompromising and enormous size

VENO Insulated food conveyance bag, food transport bag, keep food hot and cool, enormous limit