Agricultural machinery field operation safety measures

  Safety is the basis of all work, safety is the premise, but also the important policy of social development and construction, production must be safe, safety is for production.

To achieve increased production and savings, the safety of production personnel must be taken care of. The Constitution also stipulates that the rights and interests of workers should be improved, and that “improving labor conditions and strengthening labor protection” should be the welfare of laborers. All aspects of agricultural machinery production need to implement the policy of safety production, reduce accidents, avoid disasters, reduce the harm to users and avoid losses.

  1. Safe production technology of agricultural machinery

  China is a large agricultural country in the world, the role of agricultural machinery is very obvious, but compared with the developed countries in the West, China’s agricultural machinery technology level still needs to be improved, especially the safety of production technology, the gap is large, this paper will be analyzed specifically.

  1.1 Tractor field operation safety technology

  Tractor is one of the most important machinery for agricultural production, is also to ensure that the agricultural production of one of the important machinery, its high cost performance, has been quite popular, but its relatively many high-end equipment, safety issues have been to improve, this, must draw the attention of the relevant departments. Different tractor safety technology is different, but all must follow a common standard, that is, must ensure the safety of staff, to ensure the safety of the operation.

  1.1.1 and farm equipment linkage to be safe and reliable

  The linkage of the two can generally be divided into two types of traction and suspension, regardless of which linkage is used to use a hard linkage to avoid mutual impact. Tractor traction bar and farm equipment between the pins, you can use the cotter pin lock. Especially when working in areas with large ground ups and downs, it should be checked from time to time whether it is reliable.

At present, in addition to the stereotyped compound implements, in order to improve the utilization coefficient of tractor power, using “a machine hanging” way, at this time, in addition to the requirements of the main implements and tractor linkage reliable, but also must be marked with the additional implements linkage and location.

  1.1.2 Clearly specify the contact signal

  Agricultural machinery requires a lot of personnel to complete the work, agricultural machinery drivers and implement hand, mechanics and auxiliary personnel must clearly specify the way of contact, to follow the characteristics of easy and fast, but also with the agricultural machinery itself to complete the contact characteristics, such as: lights, horn, hand signals or color flags. Through advance communication to understand the operation of machinery, reduce the problems between operations and avoid accidents. Also the provision of signals can shorten the auxiliary time consumption and improve productivity.

  1.1.3 Enhance the integrity of safety protection devices

  Depending on the use environment, the farm equipment is very different and usually has guards such as shields or baffles for the exposed part of the drive, and some are specially equipped with a riding position. Before operation, all devices must be fully equipped and checked for solidity and never coped with. At the same time all the crew must be within the prescribed range of activities, forbidden in the process of operation to adjust those parts that do not have a special adjustment handle or will be troubleshooting, will work on the parts of the weeds and mud cleaned up, the running machine forbids people to walk around at will, strictly prohibited overcrowding.

  1.1.4 Understand the situation of waterfield operation

  Waterfield operations mainly rely on the tractor to complete, if encountered in a bad operating environment, the front wheel guidance will be reduced, this is a test of the driver’s skills, try not to turn small or dead turns, in the turn operation also do not leave a large pit, reduce the damage to the implements, the operation process try not to back up, otherwise the machinery is likely to strike.

  Wheeled tractor usually need to replace the water field impeller or high tread tires for water field operations, in the process of operation obstruction, and tractor attachment performance with the increase in running time also continue to improve, which requires close attention to the tractor load in the process of mechanical operation, reduce unnecessary problems.

  1.2 safety measures for fixed operations

  Different from tractors and other machinery, fixed operations of machinery safety technology varies greatly. Common fixed operations include: threshing, scavenging and agricultural by-products processing, compared to the operating conditions have been greatly improved, but the safety work should not be ignored, must ensure the safety of production.

  First, strengthen the safety education of operators.

  Different mechanical operations are different, which requires the relevant departments to establish a special training department, safety education for all personnel participating in the operation, according to the situation of the process, the operating environment, etc. to develop the corresponding operating guidelines, unified normative.

  Secondly, reasonable selection of operating position.

  The crew should reasonably choose the operating position according to the environment, climate and other factors to ensure its reliability, fix the device, all external transmission devices should be matched with protective devices, and must be equipped with professional fire prevention equipment. Operators should also be equipped with professional safety equipment according to the operating conditions, wind goggles and masks are the most common.

  Finally, winter operation precautions.

  General agricultural machinery in winter does not work, to work must pay special attention to safety, to tractors, for example, to bake the car to start, it is best to stop and turn off the fire before the previous shift, drive away from the operating point, the next shift before the start after baking the car into the operating point to hang knots, in the baking car before the car must also be flammable and explosive items away from the car, send a person to look after the car to start after the fire is completely extinguished, to avoid causing fire.

  2. Strengthen the safety production technology

  From the above analysis, it is easy to see that safe production is very important, whether it is the management staff or the use of machinery, from their own point of view, to strengthen the awareness of safe production, from a number of aspects to strengthen safe production and enhance the quality of agricultural production in China.

  2.1 Enhancing the role of leadership and reliance on the masses

  First of all, leaders at all levels must pay more attention to the issue of safe production, to achieve a clear division of labor, authority and responsibility, and assign special people to be responsible for safe production. Strengthen the daily education, increase the awareness of the masses on the safety of mechanical production, establish and improve the mass safety organizations, set up full-time safety supervisors, strengthen the work of safety production from many angles to ensure the safety of mechanical production.

  2.2 Strengthen education and strict training

  To effectively implement the policy of safety production must be to strengthen the safety awareness of machinery personnel education, combining it with the ideological education of employees, so that all machinery staff are aware of the importance of safe production. At the same time, this work must be carried out to each link of production, according to the different circumstances of the work, different projects, different machines and different operators, especially those who have just joined the work, the safety technology education of the project, pay special attention to the attention to the situation.

  At the same time of staff education, or farming leisure stage, also to carry out the necessary safety technology training, so that staff can be faster and better master the essentials of safety technology, at the same time to make emergency response to unexpected situations, to master the basic first aid knowledge, in order to cope with emergencies. In addition, the training results of safety technology should be registered to grasp the mastery of safety technology of the training staff, while it will be included in the assessment.

  2.3 Establish a clear job responsibility system

  To better ensure the production safety of agricultural machinery must be included in the safety production within the job responsibility system, the implementation of safety policy. The first is to establish a leadership production responsibility system, whose main job is to be responsible for the safety of production, the leading cadres responsible for production at the same time need to be responsible for the overall safety work of the unit; machine captain, locomotive team leader is responsible for the team, the safety work of the team, but also shoulders the responsibility of education. Other technical personnel also need to specify safety tasks within the scope of responsibility, so that safety is responsible at every level and everyone ensures safe production. For example, the driver and farm equipment hand can educate other personnel on safety techniques; safety inspectors should be responsible for safety inspection; detailed records and inspection of the causes of accidents, while strengthening protection, etc.


  In summary, it is not difficult to see that the safety of field operations of agricultural machinery requires the joint cooperation of several departments and the joint efforts of all the personnel involved. In the work of agricultural production, effective safety measures should be taken to strengthen protection, implement the policy of safe production, prevent casualties, reduce the unsafe factors for staff, ensure safe production and enhance the competitiveness of agricultural production.

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Exploring the use of modern educational technology in mechanical test teaching

  Under the promotion of education, China’s mechanical teaching has been greatly developed, various new teaching methods have emerged, and experimental equipment is more complete, which brings greater convenience to students’ mechanical learning. Mechanical experimental teaching is an important way to stimulate students’ interest in learning.

However, many teachers are influenced by the traditional teaching concept, there is no better recognition of experimental teaching, still favor theoretical explanation, even if the experimental operation, but only their own independent completion, without the effective participation of students, resulting in more problems for students’ mechanical learning. Therefore, teachers must change their own teaching methods and strengthen the application of modern education technology to promote students’ effective learning of mechanical knowledge.

  Problems of modern education technology in the application of mechanical test teaching

  Mechanical test teaching is an important part of basic mechanical teaching, and it has a key role in improving students’ mechanical level. If the quality of mechanical test teaching is not high and students’ learning enthusiasm is not well mobilized, it will lead to students encountering various problems in mechanical learning.

Although under the promotion of education, mechanical test teaching mode has undergone a major transformation, but by human factors and external objective factors, there are still major problems, bringing disadvantages to the students’ mechanical basic learning. In the actual teaching, many teachers still use the traditional teaching mode to teach, without taking into account the actual learning needs of students, in this case, some teaching content is difficult to meet the development situation of society, but also can not let students better understand the focus of each knowledge, with a certain degree of backwardness.

In many cases, teachers in the experimental teaching are only involved in some common structural methods and design points, ignoring the reference to modern mechanical design technology, without a good analysis of social reality, resulting in the knowledge learned by the students are relatively old, has been difficult to effectively solve the relevant problems in modern machinery.

  Many teachers in the mechanical structure of the explanation, often only through the corresponding diagrams to explain the principles and methods of operation, but the lack of the introduction of modern design theory, resulting in students can not better solve practical problems, it is difficult to play the role of mechanical knowledge, and ultimately bring disadvantages to the students of mechanical learning.

Mechanical subjects have a certain complexity and comprehensiveness, involving a variety of theoretical methods and practical operations, but in practice, many teachers still do not have a good change in the traditional ideology, using the indoctrination method of teaching, focusing on theoretical knowledge, neglecting the cultivation of students’ inquiry ability, resulting in students not having good learning enthusiasm, poor independent learning awareness, and difficult to better integrate into the mechanical Experimental learning environment.

Modern education technology has a certain degree of comprehensiveness and puts forward high requirements for teachers’ professional quality, but in reality, many teachers do not understand modern education equipment, and there are big problems in the production of corresponding courseware.

Many teachers only have certain knowledge of simple modern educational equipment such as computers and slide projectors, but there are certain problems in mastering other equipment. In this case, as teachers cannot effectively use various teaching equipment, the quality of experimental teaching is not high, and it is difficult for students to teach and understand various knowledge contents, which in turn seriously affects students’ learning of mechanical knowledge. Based on the importance of mechanical test teaching, teachers must clarify their teaching responsibilities, the reasonable application of modern education technology, so that students better participate in a variety of experimental links, so as to better protect the quality of mechanical test teaching.

  The application method of modern education technology in mechanical test teaching

  (A) the application of modern education technology in the teaching mode

  Mechanical foundation has a certain degree of comprehensiveness and complexity, requiring teachers to focus on the effective combination of theory and practice, fully mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning, so that students can conduct independent investigation of mechanical foundation-related issues, so as to better improve the mechanical level of students.

In the actual teaching, many teachers often do not pay attention to the choice of teaching mode, only according to their own teaching experience and teaching materials, resulting in low quality teaching, therefore, under the guidance of modern education theory, teachers must optimize the teaching mode.

For example, when teachers teach the calculation of the degrees of freedom of plane mechanisms, they can adopt the inquiry-based teaching method to explain the relevant content. The teacher can show some videos or dynamic pictures to let students understand the relevant content in general, and let students calculate the structural degrees of freedom based on what they have learned, and then guide students to investigate the content of virtual constraints, composite hinges, etc., while the teacher strengthens the guidance. In the process of guidance, teachers must strengthen the communication with students and help them solve the related obstacles, so as to effectively mobilize students’ learning enthusiasm and improve the overall teaching quality.

  (2) Application of modern education technology in evaluation mode

  The wide range of contents involved in basic mechanics requires teachers to pay attention to comprehensiveness and wholeness when evaluating students, and to pay attention to all aspects of students, so as to improve the fairness and equity of evaluation. However, in practice, many teachers tend to evaluate students only according to their mechanical final assessment results, while students have certain differences in their learning abilities, so this evaluation mode is somewhat one-sided.

Therefore, under the guidance of modern education theory, teachers must improve the evaluation mode, not only focus on students’ usual performance in mechanical foundation courses, but also be good at finding students’ strengths, and clarify students’ deficiencies through relevant papers and assessments, so as to make reasonable evaluation of students’ mechanical foundation level, so as to better maintain students’ self-confidence and guarantee teaching quality.

  (III) The application of modern education technology in teaching content

  Many teachers tend to rely only on the relevant textbooks when explaining the content related to mechanical fundamentals, but mechanical fundamentals is a more comprehensive subject, so it is crucial to enrich the teaching content.

Under the Under the guidance of modern education theory, teachers need to make reasonable analysis of the development situation of mechanical fundamentals, actively introduce modern mechanical technology, and combine relevant experiments or videos to let students effectively understand the development of modern machinery and stimulate students’ desire for independent inquiry, so as to better improve students’ mechanical level and guarantee teaching quality.


  The teaching of mechanical experiments requires teachers to fully mobilize students’ learning enthusiasm, so that they can effectively participate in the experimental process and conduct independent investigation into various problems. However, in practice, many teachers do not pay attention to the practical aspects of mechanical test teaching, and do not pay better attention to students’ desire to learn, resulting in students encountering greater problems in mechanical learning.

Therefore, teachers can effectively apply modern education technology to create a good learning atmosphere and improve students’ hands-on ability, so as to better guarantee students’ mechanical learning effect.

Strength and Flexibility: silicone polymer Heater and agent Hose

The Vulco-Flex® hose will replace a mess of curving hose sizes and shapes. along with Gates’ straight and curved radiator hoses, this versatile quality hose permits optimum market coverage. Your engine depends on the performance of your coolant hose. once you ought to replace or set up essential items of your complicated machinery, trust Gates to deliver high capacity, high performance solutions with our bespoke coolant hoses.

If you are doing not have an account however would love to examine the standing of an order, request a change, or report a tangle with associate degree order or shipment, please move to our Order standing & Returns page. Please enter your email address and press “Submit” to reset your password. has to review the safety of your association before proceeding. Wall thickness at hose ends while not the wire is 0130″/.180″.

Please enter your email address and therefore the security code precisely as shown within the image, then press “Submit” to form an account. created from EPDM to fulfill SAE J twenty R4 category D-1, D-2 & D-3 specifications, AK Radiator & Heater Hoses are bolstered relying upon temperature and pressure requirements. With U.S.A. you’ll notice a large vary of technical water sports elements for inboard engines, drives and parts.

We’ll manufacture a bespoken agent hose for your industrial, commercial, residential, and automotive applications, therefore you’ll keep your engines running with the ability of Gates. silicone polymer flexible heater hose is quality made containing reinforced braid walls designed to feature strength and suppleness whereas activity exceptionally well beneath high temperatures. silicone polymer Heater Hose exceeds SAE J20R3 necessities and is good for automotive and industrial applications that need glycol-based agent fluids. TSP’ universal hosepipe kit is made from chrome steel with a chrome-like polished end at the side of polished Al hose-end clamp covers to match. The hose bends and cuts easily, is non-corrosive, and can manage heat much more with efficiency than rubber.

TSP’ universal heater hose kit is constructed from stainless steel and comes with aluminum finish caps. a versatile hose alternative, Silicone Hose is immune to cracking and early deterioration even once exposed to extreme weather conditions. TSP’ universal heater hose kit is made from untarnished steel. terribly versatile and tough, spiral wire bolstered and textile decorated convoluted rubber hose in one Metre lengths. Flexible, bendable, wire-reinforced agent hoses are designed to handle vacuum and connections that need bends and curves. Eliminates the necessity for multiple hoses connected to every different to form a run.

The technical storage or access that’s used completely for anonymous applied math purposes. For merchandise with multiple grades and/or sizes, please make sure the exact specification required. Ideal for warm temperature and varied pressure ratings wherever high performance levels are required. For serious duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments admire Buses, serious Duty cross-country Equipment, Generators, vehicles to giant Diesel Trucks and more… This web site is employing a Military Intelligence Section 5 to guard itself from on-line attacks. The action you simply performed triggered the safety solution.

Vena® Technosil Extruded authority and USP VI Pt cured silicone polymer hose, with polyester braid reinforcement, for food and pharmaceutical company processing. versatile hosepipe 38mm ID. 890mm Long with intrinsical spiral wire. it’s a permanent replacement hose, equalling the performance of moulded hose.

There are many actions that might trigger this block as well as submitting a precise word or phrase, a SQL command or unshapely data. The technical storage or access is needed to form user profiles to send advertising, or to trace the user on an internet site or across several websites for similar selling purposes. The hose is stretched by immersing it in boiling water. Please give any extra data to quote accurately including delivery address.

Custom Tubing & Hose Manufacturer

Our siloxane and organic hoses are offered for a variety of various applications. If you wish custom silicones, click the button below to send a message to our solutions providers. Maintenance of temperature from one finish of the hose to a different while not cold areas, offers a large range of potentialities for the merchandise that need constant temperature to forestall degradation. Moreover, the probe placed within continuously permits a temperature management . we have a tendency to guarantee each custom hose is up to the best standards.

For additional data on siloxane tubings and hoses please contact your native promoting company. Rubber elements are compression or injected formed from EPDM, NBR, and blends to satisfy manufacturer specifications for pressure, temperature, and flexibility. once ordering custom hose couplers from Elasto Proxy, you’ll got to recognize over simply the merchandise kind or category.

A few years of experiences therefore we have a tendency to stock all solutions for your customers different requirements. synthetic rubber has wonderful extreme heat-resistant properties in many alternative fields. The siloxane T-shaped tube is made of a Blue siloxane Liner, Blue siloxane Compound, and one hundred pc Polyester Yarn reinforcing. cloth reinforcements generally use polyester or aramid in an exceedingly thick construction for else strength and high-temperature resistance. A vacuum hose, line or tube routes the manifold vacuum to a different a part of the vehicle.

We have a tendency to are approved suppliers to Ariel Atom producing Ltd, Saker sports cars, Donkervoort and Z cars. If it’s automotive, marine or an industrial piece of kit and needs chemical element hoses, we are able to help! Our hoses are appropriate for cooling systems, charge air systems, induction systems and negative/ positive pressure signal lines.

Putting in siloxane tube will appear to be a frightening task, however with a number of tips and tricks it may be a breeze. the primary step is to live the length of tubing you need. make certain to feature a few additional inches for fittings and connections. within the garden, silicone tubing can be used as a drip irrigation system to water plants.

Custom silicon hoses, as this cluster of rubber merchandise is additionally known, can meet specific pressure ratings and trade standards. merchandise are specific by bend radius, reinforcement, and liner materials. Custom siloxane hose connectors and tube connectors conjointly are available in totally different ply configurations with or while not convolutions.

Synthetic rubber is thought for its high-temperature resistance, however engineers got to outline their application’s specific temperature range. With the full-fledged engineer and technician, the foremost skilled and available guide are provided by our company. Please don’t hesitate to inform Pine Tree State your requirements, your design, or perhaps your drawing. chemical element could be a well established name within the industry, with a thirty five year history in the development of built parts and performance engine applications.

Our silicone hoses may be custom built and made with multiple branches, sizes, colors, and shapes. Another example of this is often the event of extremely clear siloxane for processes wherever the show of the sent product is required. irrespective of what reasonably synthetic rubber products you want, supported our intensive experience, we are able to manufacture and provide it. Our fluorosilicone hose is meant to stay oil from penetrating the hose wall. it’s nice resistance to oil, oil mist, fuel, and different chemicals, that is unmatched by comparable alternatives. Our extensive line of products assures that you simply will continuously realize the perfect product to satisfy your needs.

Women’ underclothes makers

For a lot of careful data on the materials of bras and completely different elements (cup, bridge, band, straps, slide, ring, hook & eye closure), you’ll be able to move to information Hub concerning undergarment . Notably, wool is heat and ever more standard as a fabric for undergarments. although wool underwear is expensive, it’s still favored by fashionable people. However, here i would like to inform you the skin harm of wool undergarments is that the same as that of polyester fiber. Trunks are short-leg boxer briefs, typically created by stretch cotton or modal. Men’s Boxer Briefs with U-shaped Pouch is highly welcome today.

The favored produces the widest vary of underclothes in China. They specialised in producing every kind of underwear like bras, swimwear, panties, briefs, boxer shorts, and more. Their company is supported by skilled sales groups and knowledgeable internal control team. With their ten years of experience, Yishangyi became skilled on producing differing kinds of underwear.

Since the primary store in Beijing in 1996, Maniform has established itself fulfilling the expectations of customers, ANd permitting them to evolve their tastes. Are you ready to suggest suppliers who turn out quality things & are willing to figure with little orders to start with. Our company is going to produce underwear with its own whole through the personal label manufacturing line. additionally trying to launch an underwear and activewear brand for men .

The corporate focuses on coming up with and producing snug fashion as well as underclothes and activewear for men and women, intimate apparel, curvy bras and lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear. Today, they’re enclosed as a full-fledged goods that’s being used, fashionably flaunted, and listed massively all across the world. Hence, it solely is smart for brand new businessmen to venture into the undergarments industry. If you’re searching for the most effective underwear makers in China for wholesale purposes, or for commerce the best quality items for your business, this diary can assist you out.

Young supply provides complete garment producing like design, cutting, size grading, sewing, embroidery, production, and packaging. In terms of waist match, you’ll be able to browse low-waist, mid-wange, or high-w choices to urge a right fit with all-day comfort. Most of our customers create an honest benefit from commerce our merchandise and reorder regularly. we glance forward to process your 1st order and obtaining your reorders when you expertise our quality and truthful prices. we tend to sincerely welcome customers to go to us, and continuously provide our top quality services and high-quality products at competitive prices.

Production facilities from Italy, we currently get pleasure from a daily output of … merchandise within the “emotional interest underwear” producing sector. Zhong county, a poor region outside the megacity of Chongqing in western China, is seeking to draw in five billion renminbi in investment for a feature city dedicated to competitive e-sports video gaming. A purpose-made 6,000-seat construction hosted a national competition last year.

The artificial materials generally embrace nylon, polyester, spandex, polyurethane, lycra, lace. They’re simple to wash, quick-drying, wrinkle-free, affordable. Nylon, additionally referred to as Tactel, may be a high-quality nylon fiber. It’s clear and therefore easy to assist succeed the sex effect. the upper the nylon content is, the costlier the material would be. Although the craft to supply} the mesh vogue is simple, however factories need a better MOQ for this style.

Kaiwei manufacturing plant is additionally certified with OEKOTEX, ISO9001, ANd SA8000. made of soft fabrics, these underclothes factory in china provide an out of this world comforting feel. Their materials are hypoallergenic and thus are non-irritating and appropriate for individuals with sensitive skin types.

These materials also are optimally breathable, that empowers the underwear factory in china to supply the proper air circulation round the groin area. the upper resistance to grease and sweat makes these China ladies underwear manufacturer plant in china simple to scrub and maintain in an impeccable condition. when years of development, we tend to are ready to provide merchandise of distributed styles and high quality.