Exploration on the application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

Preface: the development of industrial production in China has a lot to do with the application of automation technology, and with the rapid development of social economy, automation has become the main development direction of the current mechanical design and manufacturing industry.

Overview of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology

1.1 Mechanical design and manufacturing

The so-called mechanical design and manufacturing refers to China’s industrial sector engaged in the production of various chemical machinery, machine tools, instruments, textile machinery, tools and other mechanical equipment such as instruments and lifting and transportation machinery, its important role is to provide technical equipment to promote the development of the national economy. At the same time, mechanical design and manufacturing as a discipline, its main practical teaching links are military training, electrical, metalworking, electronic internship, production practice and social practice and course design, etc. The main study is related to mechanics and mechanical engineering courses.

1.2 Automation Technology

Automation technology is a comprehensive technology, which is closely related to system engineering, computer technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, automatic control, as well as cybernetics and information theory, among which computer technology and cybernetics are the ones that bring great influence to automation technology. The development trend of automation technology is also various, mainly mechatronics, diversification of mechanical functions, standardization of structural design, as well as control intelligence and high precision of structural movement. An important development direction of automation technology application is industrial automation, such as computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design, which are generally applied in access control systems. In addition, the progress of automation technology also promotes the development of industrial production, mostly in the chemical industry and metallurgical and petroleum industries, so that labor productivity can be improved.

The current situation of the application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

2.1 Design

Although China’s science and technology has achieved continuous development, but in general, especially compared with the developed countries in the West, its computer technology is extremely developed, and in the design process of mechanical manufacturing and automation applications, to achieve the design concept of continuous updating, while China’s computer technology is still in a relatively backward state, which is particularly underdeveloped CAD / CAM technology, resulting in China in Machinery manufacturing and automation applications in the design level still needs to be improved, the design process also needs to be further optimized and improved.

2.2 Manufacturing process

By the influence of foreign advanced and developed computer technology, foreign machinery manufacturing industry in the automation of manufacturing equipment features are very obvious, such as nano processing, high precision machining, multi-axis CNC equipment processing, laser processing and a series of new technologies. But in China, the machinery manufacturing industry equipment contains less high-tech amount, which greatly restricts the development of manufacturing processes, resulting in our manufacturing process lags behind.

2.3 Automation technology

The development of science and technology for the machinery manufacturing industry has brought a lot of new technology applications, multi-axis machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems and a series of automated equipment has developed into the mainstream, these are widely used in Western countries in the machinery manufacturing industry. But China’s machinery manufacturing industry in the use of automation systems are still a single characteristic, although vigorously popularized the CNC machine tools, but the overall automation technology content is still on the low side.

2.4 Management

In the process of machinery manufacturing and automation applications, China’s management ideas and methods compared with the Western countries there is still a certain gap, due to the impact of various reasons, China’s machinery manufacturing and automation applications in the process of management ideas and methods are relatively backward, did not make it digital and modern requirements.

The specific application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

3.1 Production automation

One of the important manifestations of the success of mechanical manufacturing and automation applications is to see the degree of automation of the production process. In the production process of machinery manufacturing, the use of automation technology can promote the production process towards a more intelligent direction, so that the production process is more continuous, and many of the production processes can be completed automatically using equipment, which not only effectively saves the manpower required for production, but also enables the human factors that can affect the production process to a minimum, which makes the loss rate in the production and processing process greatly reduced, effectively enhancing the competitiveness of machinery manufacturing enterprises.

Flexible automation production technology is a practical technology in machinery design and manufacturing, flexible automation technology is based on the production of product information, while using digital processing technology equipment to achieve adaptation to different processing objects and production needs. The information control center of the flexible automated production technology is the main computer, whose main role is to monitor the data generated by the production process, so that the production plan can be adjusted according to the specific situation. Flexible storage and transportation systems are used to transport and store production materials such as scrap and tools, and are generally operated by industrial robots to improve production efficiency.

3.2 Inspection automation

The development of science and technology to machinery manufacturing and automation applications brought about by the impact of many aspects, in the process of mechanical processing, processing the need to use to the range of raw materials is gradually becoming larger, not only the original traditional mechanical processing materials, the emergence of some new materials, making it in the mechanical processing process has been increasingly used. But also due to the adoption of new materials, making the traditional mechanical processing materials of manual inspection methods have become more and more inadequate. In this case, the use of advanced computer technology has become a necessary way, such as the use of current signals, laser, artificial neural network, three-coordinate measuring instrument and other technologies to detect the degree of wear on mechanical parts, can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.

3.3 Information Automation

Computer-aided system is the main way to realize the automation function in machinery manufacturing and automation, computer-aided system covers and involves an extremely wide range of content, including computer process-aided design system, computer-aided design system, etc.. The main purpose of using computer-aided design system is to achieve the improvement of processing efficiency in machinery manufacturing production, so that the level of standardization of production is constantly improved; the main role of using computer-aided design system is to promote designers to focus more on the work of product design.

3.4 CAM, CAPP technology integration

The continuous development of automation technology has led to CAPP technology playing an increasingly large role in the modern machinery manufacturing industry. In the process of machinery manufacturing production, CAPP technology provides an important basis for production activities and production management, and has become an important part of the modern machinery processing industry. In the processing of machinery and equipment parts, the use of CAM technology can make the processing process more accurate and intelligent.

Prospects for the application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation

4.1 The integration of machinery manufacturing

In the current machinery manufacturing enterprises, the most important production method used is the computer integrated manufacturing system, which mainly includes engineering technology information subsystem, manufacturing automation subsystem, management information subsystem, quality information subsystem and so on. The engineering information subsystem includes computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering analysis, computer-aided process design, etc.; the manufacturing automation subsystem includes machining centers, automatic assembly, computer numerical control, industrial robots, etc.; the management information subsystem mainly includes management, material management, personnel management, production management and financial management, etc.; the quality information subsystem mainly includes Computer-aided inspection, computer-aided testing and computer-aided quality control, etc.

4.2 Intelligent manufacturing

The use of intelligent manufacturing systems can realize intelligent activities related to the process of manufacturing, such as judgment, analysis, reasoning and so on. The intelligence of machinery manufacturing is specifically expressed in the good friendliness and adaptability of the intelligent system. In the process of manufacturing and designing machinery, a modular approach is usually used to make it more flexible. The intelligence of machinery manufacturing also attaches more importance to friendliness and safety, intelligent machinery manufacturing system can save resources and pollution-free, but also to fully recycle resources.

4.3 Mechanical manufacturing agility

The basis of the agility of machinery manufacturing is the competitiveness and credibility of machinery manufacturing enterprises, which is mainly the use of the formation of virtual companies, the implementation of division of labor and cooperation, and finally to achieve the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises, but also to respond quickly and quickly to the various needs of users. To achieve a fast and agile response, it is necessary to firmly grasp the core content of virtual manufacturing technology and grasp the key role of virtual manufacturing technology. One of the future development directions of modern machinery integrated manufacturing technology is agile, which is the necessary path for modern machinery integrated manufacturing system to realize the transformation from information integration to enterprise integration, and the development of agile manufacturing has a profound and long-term impact on the development of modern integrated manufacturing system.


The application of mechanical design and manufacturing and its automation technology has become more and more extensive, and the current application of automation technology in mechanical design and manufacturing has made certain achievements, and the future mechanical automation technology will be more comprehensive.