Innovative agricultural machinery development concept to improve the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture

  At present, the urbanization process is continuously promoted, and the arable land area is occupied in a large amount, which makes people rely on the high level of agricultural construction to increase. In order to effectively improve the yield and quality of agricultural products, it is necessary to improve the level of development of agricultural mechanization in China with the help of technology-intensive and capital mechanization and automation operations, and obviously optimize the commodity rate, utilization rate, land output rate and labor productivity per unit of agricultural land resources products.

  1 innovative development concept, adding new momentum to the development of agricultural mechanization

  Promote China’s agriculture to continuously improve the level of mechanized production is the source of scientific development concept. At present, the level of China’s agricultural mechanization and development concept is mainly manifested as follows: increase the creation of precision-type policies, optimize the design, improve the financial, financial, insurance, investment, land and other policy tools to coordinate the combination of a variety of agricultural mechanization support policy system.

Vigorously promote the innovation of agricultural mechanization science and technology, promote the development and implementation of agricultural equipment manufacturing action plan, at the same time, combined with the innovation of agricultural business-related systems and agricultural information technology, “Internet +” mode of development, to further stimulate the vitality of various types of agricultural machinery development subjects.

  2 improve the basic form of mechanization, leading the transformation and development of agricultural mechanization

  At present, China’s agricultural production and operation mode is mainly family-based scattered operation, and the low utilization rate of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery service scope is limited, resulting in the efficiency of agricultural production has been in a low state. In this case, in order to achieve the improvement of agricultural mechanization development level, should do a good job to improve the entire region covering the collection of information release, machinery scheduling, video conferencing as one of the agricultural machinery command and dispatch and information service platform .

Take the initiative to contact with financial institutions and actively promote the business of mortgage loans for agricultural machinery to facilitate diversified financing for farmers, agricultural machinery service organizations and agricultural machinery production enterprises.

  Further improve the technical routes and operation specifications for agricultural mechanization production of major crops, establish demonstration bases for the integration of agricultural machinery and agricultural technology, and strengthen technical training for the integration of agricultural machinery and agricultural technology.

Vigorously develop high-horsepower, high-performance, composite operation machinery, the development of agricultural facilities machinery, the development of animal husbandry, fisheries machinery and agricultural products processing machinery, the elimination of old, high energy-consuming machinery, optimize the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Actively cooperate with the implementation of foreign cooperation strategy, support and guide products, agricultural machinery enterprises to go out, enhance manufacturing technology and foreign advanced agricultural machinery research and development cited to enhance the effective supply capacity of modern agricultural equipment in China.

  3 Green development, strengthen the promotion of agricultural mechanization technology

  Establish and improve the operation of efficient, strong support, services, vibrant agricultural mechanization promotion system, and improve the promotion capacity. Accelerate the popularization of key agricultural mechanization technologies and key aspects of major crop planting, and promote the widespread use of technically mature, advanced and applicable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, safe and reliable, and service in place agricultural machinery and equipment.

Accelerate the progress of irrigation and drainage equipment and renewal to achieve efficient, safe and energy-saving operation to meet the needs of agricultural irrigation and drainage. Vigorously promote water-saving irrigation, conservation tillage, precision sowing, deep land loosening, deep fertilizer application and efficient plant protection comprehensive use of yield and efficiency, environmentally friendly agricultural mechanization technology.

Explore the development model of agricultural mechanization, improve the level of equipment support and integration of agricultural mechanization technology to meet the needs of agricultural production. Accelerate the promotion and application of water-saving irrigation, straw collection, positioning fertilization, manure treatment and other mechanized technologies to further explore the potential of green development. Popularize green farming techniques such as straw return and deep pine land preparation to promote sustainable agricultural development.

  4 Enhance the support of government agencies and the implementation of strong agricultural policies

  On the basis of high-quality implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, according to the actual situation of each region, continuously increase the support for agricultural machinery development, build a perfect incentive program for agricultural machinery development, and actively establish a stable and long-term effective agricultural machinery purchase support

Implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies policy, and effectively do a good job of guidance services, optimize the structure of agricultural equipment and regional layout, improve the quality and efficiency of the level of development of agricultural mechanization, and accelerate the development process of agricultural modernization. To help the poor precisely, adhere to the agricultural mechanization cooperative share as an effective model of agricultural machinery social services, encourage and guide poor farmers to agricultural machinery, etc. as a way to share in the formation of professional cooperatives, to achieve a new breakthrough in supporting the cultivation of rich industries.

  To focus on the main direction, to improve the level of mechanization of tillage, planting, harvesting, plant protection and other major links as the focus, strengthen the integration of agricultural agronomy, explore high-yield creation model, the formation of agricultural machinery and agronomy suitable for mechanized production technology system, to achieve a new breakthrough in promoting the mechanization of the whole production of major crops.

To achieve a new breakthrough in improving the level of scientific and technological equipment and practitioner quality. The full implementation of the national agricultural policy, in accordance with the requirements of “reduce the scope, reduce the quota, and promote open”, the implementation of good purchase subsidies policy; do a good job in the implementation of tasks, quality supervision, project acceptance, fund payment. Support the development of new agricultural machinery service organizations, and constantly improve the service capacity, expand the scale of services, improve service quality and efficiency.

  In summary, to improve the level of development of agricultural mechanization can not be separated from the development model innovation, is an effective way to achieve sustainable development of agriculture in China.

Thus, exploring the development mode of agricultural mechanization, actively creating the concept of agricultural mechanization development, making full use of various positive factors, making positive contributions to the development of agricultural mechanization, promoting the continuous improvement of China’s agricultural mechanization development level, promoting the rapid development of China’s economy, and accelerating the process of building a well-off society in all aspects, has important theoretical significance and value.