Analysis of the application and development of agricultural machinery automation in modern agriculture

In the process of installing agricultural machinery, the application of agricultural machinery automation reduces the dependence of the operation of agricultural machinery on manual operation, and the use of automation technology to arm agricultural machinery can minimize farmers’ labor cost expenditures, improve the production efficiency of agriculture per unit of time, agricultural production costs can be saved, and the production quality of agricultural products can be effectively improved.

Factors affecting the application of automation technology in agricultural machinery devices

1.Agricultural machinery and equipment backward

At present, compared with developed countries, the level of agricultural machinery and equipment has always been in a backward state, China’s agricultural machinery configuration has been incompatible with the development of modern agriculture, at present, many rugged agricultural areas still can not achieve large-scale agricultural mechanization configuration.

In addition, China’s overall and local distribution of water resources more than the phenomenon of imbalance, due to technical conditions, sprinkler and sprinkler irrigation is still the main way of irrigation, the world’s highly regarded drip irrigation technology still can not be achieved.

2.Agricultural machinery automation technology content is low

At present, China’s agricultural machinery configuration is still the lack of close contact with modern science and technology, according to the international degree of development of developed countries and standards, compared to the development of China’s agricultural technology has always been in the primary stage, although the application of many of China’s agricultural technology is to learn from and study the model of foreign agricultural development, some technology is not suitable for the development of domestic agricultural needs, so the lower automation of agricultural machinery Technology content has become an obstacle to the development of China’s agricultural economy.

3.Uneven development of agricultural mechanization in various regions of China

China’s vast territory, involving a very rich terrain, mountains, plateaus, basins, hills and other kinds of terrain intertwined complex, the economy of each agricultural region, transportation, agricultural technology level, climate and water distribution is not the same, which led to a large gap in the level of agricultural mechanization, the level of agricultural mechanization in each agricultural production region with the continuous application of automation technology has produced Large differences.

The development direction of applying automation technology in the configuration of modern agricultural machinery

1.Accelerate the application of computer vision technology in the application of agricultural machinery

Vision technology is a new technology is also one of the key application technologies of computers in the new era. Currently, the countries with developed agricultural machinery technology internationally apply computer vision technology in agricultural production information records, agricultural resource management, automatic receiving and quality management of agricultural products.

There are many successful cases in this area, for example, the British farm has successfully applied computer vision technology to professional robots, the main use of the robot for mushroom picking, through the application of vision processing and image processing technology to complete the accurate positioning of the mushroom picking robot, and gradually promote the stability and maturity of agricultural development.

2.Strengthen the configuration of automation technology for inherent mechanical equipment

Through the configuration of automation technology can effectively enhance the operation performance of agricultural machinery devices, the use performance of agricultural machinery can also be improved, for example, the application of automation production technology in the mechanical device of tea production, can be based on the specific actual situation of different tea leaves, the voltage of the machinery to implement control, and finally develop pressurized tea twisting and kneading machine, through the input and control of different tea twisting procedures, so that it Faced with different tea twisting procedures play a different value and role. In the continuous improvement of the computer device configuration, the Internet and automation technology gradually unified, and finally to fully promote the development and operation of agricultural machinery and automation as one.

3.Strengthen the application of automation of agricultural products box testing

At present, the packaging efficiency of agricultural products is low, as far as the world is concerned, in order to improve the packaging efficiency of agricultural products, it is necessary to configure automatic detection and packaging machines for agricultural machinery.

Agricultural products automatic detection and packaging machine is mainly through the ray detection and camera to detect the damage of agricultural products and the degree of disease, through the selection of intact agricultural products and volume and quantity of calculation, automatic packaging machine will be different volume and quality level of products packaged. At present, economically developed countries have been large-scale application of this automation technology, China is limited to a small range of concentrated agricultural planting areas.

4.Strengthen the application of automated agricultural irrigation and fertilization technology

At present, water scarcity is a problem that can not be faced worldwide, and all regions and countries that vigorously develop agriculture must actively face the problem of water scarcity. The development of agriculture in any country or region must be based on a large amount of water resources, so how to efficiently use and conserve water resources in order to highly ensure the full and effective development of agriculture.

Automatic agricultural irrigation technology is a high degree of integration of electronic computers and sensors, the computer is mainly responsible for the growth of crops in the process of each crop form, the growth cycle of the specific requirements of the growing environment. Sensors can be effective detection of the crop growth of moisture, and then the soil moisture data back to the computer, the computer through the feedback of comprehensive information, the exact analysis of the crop growth situation to determine whether the crops need automated irrigation.

Automated machinery for whether crops need fertilizer is also to take the same principle of processing, crop growth of soil fertility situation?r is the direct basis for whether crops need fertilizer.

5.Active development of precision modern agriculture

The combination of high technology and traditional agriculture, the use of modern technology-based management tools to manage traditional agriculture in order to achieve the development of modernized well-town agriculture. Under the future development trend of agriculture, precision modern agriculture is the mainstream of future agricultural development. The controller, controlled equipment, computer network and other aspects are the basis for the development of precision agricultural automation.

At present, China’s local areas through the application of automated agricultural weather testers, the installation of commissioning stations in agricultural areas, automatically converge the data probed by the observation instruments into the growth stage climate mapping of wheat and corn, automation to provide data support for agricultural equipment.


In conclusion, the actual situation of China’s agricultural development should be used as the basis to comprehensively promote the automation of agricultural machinery, build China’s modern agriculture, and fundamentally promote the development of the national economy.