EPC Sequence Electric Screw Press

We’re engaged in manufacturing a variety of Screw Presses, that are used to dewater and wash secondary as well as virgin fiber. Vapor-tight presses are used during the production of soybean protein concentrate (SPC), citrus and apple pectin , bioresin, and Xanthan gum Twin-screw presses comprise two overlapping compression screws. There are two major sorts of screw presses of this design.

Electrical management system uses programmable controller (PLC) as the master system, improving the general reliability of operation, man-machine interface (HMI) operator and machine to achieve the exchange of information, person-set parameters akin to combat energy be displayed with the failure of the machine.

double disc friction brick presses supplier 

During the working stroke of the spindle 9, i.e. the downward movement of the slide 7, the flywheel 17 is accelerated by the drive until it reaches the preselected rotational speed, i.e. has accrued the power required for the forging process.

In this paper, a novel electric screw press immediately pushed by permanent magnet disc synchronous motor is introduced, Referring to the technical parameters from the J58K electric screw press, the tactic which calculates the structure and electromagnetic parameters of the power transmission is introduced.

At this level the shifting cylinder shifts the spinning disks the opposite means and the other disk makes contact with the leather-based belt and turns the screw the other technique to drive the ram up. A brake is applied to the flywheel when the specified prime of stroke level is reached.

Appropriate for the new forging of every sort of fabric, the friction screw presses are used for the production of full parts. The motor has been equipped with encoder, suitable for correct management. The advantage of static strain type press is its static strain screw-nuts and the static stress all these components are designed to be in a closed screw rotates, the nut will drive the slide block to move up and down.

AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention, the each strike in the circulation needn’t brake operating.Behind the power connection, mechanical braking can unclamp immediately.After forging completion, AC servo numerical control electric machine drives slide block and rises, and slows down at sure place, stops at prime dead-centre eventually.Subsequently, mechanical braking has only in case of emergency just and makes use of, and has prolonged brake service life, drastically reduces maintenance price.

Energy saving and environmental protection, the National Foundry and metalforming equipment quality supervision and inspection heart, compared with the same specifications of double disc friction press, vitality saving can reach greater than forty eight.5%.

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