Welcome to Buddata ebXML Registry/Repository

Buddata ebXML Registry/Repository (or ebRR in short) is an open source implementation of the OASIS ebXML Registry and OGC Catalogue Service. Much experience has been drawn from the OMAR ebXML Registry open source project (also known as “freebXML“). Extensions of the OASIS ebXML Registry have been implemented to support geospatial capabilities.

The project is initiated by kZen Labs – the R&D division of Foresee technologies N.V., a Belgian IT company – and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) in support of the cataloguing activity for the Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility – Interoperability program (HMA-I) via the ESA ERGO project. The project will be maintained as Open Source by kZen Labs and Intecs (see ebRR pages on Google Code).
The European Space Agency (ESA) has financed the ERGO project for the implementation of the Cataloguing of ISO Metadata and Earth Observation Catalogue service application ebRIM profiles based on open source software thus empowering with open source tools a the catalogue standards published within OGC under the Heterogeneous Missions Accessibility (HMA) project The project is carried out for ESA by a consortium consisting of Foresee Technologies (Belgium) and GeoCat bv. (The Netherlands) under the lead of Intecs (Italy).

Buddata ebRR put’s a strong focus on its geospatial capabilities and the goal of the project is to include all so-called “ebRIM Profiles” or “extension packages” as defined by the OGC Catalogue Service, but also to support any other ebRIM profiles.

Natively it implements (Secured) SOAP Web Service interfaces based on the OASIS ebXML RS 3.0 and OGC Catalogue Service specifications. Its main other features are (1) a harvesting component with transformation capabilities to translate XML-based metadata in GML and ISO formats to ebXML RIM (with OGC geospatial extensions) and (2) a Java API to access the ebRR directly from Java code.