Programmer Help B2B Trade Platform With More Customers

Enterprises build B2B e-commerce website in order to expand their sales channels. Compared with other e-commerce websites, large B2B trade platform (or called B2B e-commerce websites) such as Alibaba, Global Sources, and sinosources have stronger marketing strength, and all aspects of the website are more optimized, but there are many of large B2B trade platforms have to face weakness of low customers retention. Despite, everyday the much of data and flow through the website, there is no more browsing and exploration of other pages excepting entering into Home page. As professional programmers, you should know this is the huge waste about sources, so how do we may utilize these sources to increase customers’ retention to own website or B2B trade platform?


Improving website’s quality of content with matched customer’s demand

Business owners of the operating website know that high quality contents are a hard condition to support the development of large-scale B2B trade platform. Of course, it is also a hard condition for attracting users. All of them are focused on solving customers’ demands. Aiming to potential customers entirely analyze what kinds of information are favorite by customers; to analyze what kinks of contents may attract many of customers into platform. Certainly the most of website or platform are lack of this point which specialized in creating original contents of high quality, high value,

that customers like. Not only does not consider the hard requirements of customers or users, but also loses the hard conditions of website development. Remember not to duplicate other people’s content because of being lazy, it is easy to lose customers.


Clear structure of B2B trade platform with improved customer’s habit

User experience is an important criterion for testing large B2B trade platform (B2B e-commerce websites). Do not test the patience of users. The structure of the corporate website for 3 layers are enough. When the customers enters into the website through keyword search, the website can be quickly opened, and the customers must find the content they want in a conspicuous position, so that the user can easily find the content that he expect to search.

Layout of Keywords of B2B website with clear page purpose

B2B platform have a high bounce rate, and the main part is because the keywords are not related to the landing page content. This is really prevalent issues on number of websites. For instance, when customers search the keyword as marketing website, however the content shows template of creating website. This is quite difference between keyword and content website show, then easily make customers to feel fraud. Based on this issue, customers will close the page immediately and short stay on the page, finally result in many customers lose. Perhaps this is the main reason why many enterprises’ websites bounce rates as high. So as professional programmers and SEO will care about this issue and avoid it when built the website for own company.